The Web 3 Reward Platform Ecosystem

Fabric is the world’s first on-chain reward distribution solution for enterprise software and SaaS products.

Releasing Q4 2022 - Q1 2023
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Pay on-chain tokens as corporate rewards

Reward employees for good work with value-driven tokens backed by investor pools instead of a cheap giftcard

Decentralised Rewards

No Expiration

Fabrictoken product dashboard showing performance rewards breakdown
Fabric Token product screen snippet showing total pool value, fabric token value, redeemable date and new user count

Earn huge yields w/ non-deflationary pools.

New users who convert their reward points into Fabric will make existing users richer as the worth of the token increases with every new token minted.

High yield staking

Investment Pools


Redeem your tokens for fiat, risk free.

The Fabric Token never expires, never loses value and even earns yield when simply held. Earn yield and redeem anytime!

Dollar Pegged

No Gas Fees

Fiber portfolio screen showing the total token value and balance sheet
image showing profile illustrations

Backed by leading enterprise companies

We're funded and ready to make a dent in the reward platforming industry!

Stake Your Fiber, and Earn Real $$$

Attractive payout currency – dollar pegged with built-in reward for token holders.

illustration showing a person holding the fabric token

Majority of the Rewards Points are redeemable only on limited services, expire if not used, cannot be gifted, or are simply wasted. FIBER Fixes This.

illustration with fabric token icon surrounded by multiple abstract illustrations

The Tokenomics

The EcoToKo marketplace is the platform where these tokens can be redeemed in

The Marketplace

The Fabric Marketplace for token redemption in exchange of offers by partner companies

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can earn Fabric?

An employee of a company who is an ecosystem partner is a valid Token holder who would be reward for performing some tasks/activities for the ecosystem partner.

Who pays for Fabric?

A normal seller is the one that receives the tokens in exchange for their goods and services. It would issue receipts directly to the buyers and maintain the transactions in their systems. The receipts should be issued in the local fiat currency and must also include all taxes.

How to trade the token?

To be able to use the token, the partner systems need to implement a set of APIs that allow them to register their system and initiate reward distribution

Who can mint the token?

Token can be minted by any account that qualifies to become a minting partner.

We will open applications shortly

How to redeem?

To find ways to redeem the tokens, the token holders can register (through the wallet) on the marketplace.

How to become a seller?

Once a seller is registered, it can list its products and services on the marketplace. Each product would have a dollar value and a corresponding token value will be displayed based on the latest token price.

We will open applications shortly

How does the token work?

The token is an ecosystem token to be used within a group of participant entities that agree to accept the token across their platforms.