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the all-in-one rewards platform for your business

Enhance employee rewards with on-chain tokens

Simplify token issuance and management with value-driven tokens backed by investor pools, rather than a cheap gift card.

Automate reward distribution, with Web 3 magic ✨

Use smart contracts to streamline your reward distribution efforts and proportionally pay all your employees (on time)

Optimise your reward program with analytics

Track employee performance, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your reward program with advanced analytics & reporting tools.

Stay in the know with an in-built HR rewarding platform

Monitor progress, provide feedback, and set goals to help employees succeed and grow within the organization.

Leading performance managment at the highest performing companies.

Fabric Token has exceeded our expectations in every way. The employee performance tracking and feedback tools have helped us identify areas for improvement and the on-chain token issuance and management has made distributing rewards effortless. The tokenomics is really a game changer!