PRoduct | human resources

the all-in-one recognition system on the blockchain.

Enjoy Seamless Performance, Enhanced Engagement, and Improved Productivity with Fabric Token's Employee Tracking and Feedback Tools. Replace outdated HR systems and say goodbye to the disjointed performance management.

Enhance Employee Performance and Development with Fabric Token's Advanced Tracking and Feedback Tools, Including Performance Assessments, Goal Setting, Feedback Management, and Real-Time Data and Notifications.

Next-gen workforce planning

Fabric Token provides tools for workforce planning, with workforce modeling, demand forecasting, and labor market analysis.

Global Payroll and Benefits

Use our global payroll processing, benefits enrolment, and compliance reporting to stay on top of all things payroll

...or just integrate with your tools.

Keep using Workday, BambooHR, or Zenefits for employee tracking, and just integrate the Fabric Token distribution. We’re currently expanding our integrations to other popular HR suites!

employee feedback management

Feedback and performance reviews, reimagined

Easily collect and manage employee feedback, including 360-degree reviews, and use real-time data and notifications to stay up to date on employee performance.

timesheets & overtime

Track working hours, over-time, and attendance.

Effortlessly track employee attendance and productivity with our time and attendance software. Automatic reminders ensure schedules and timesheets are always up to date, and built-in overtime calculations for all 50 US states take the hassle out of payroll compliance.

hr reporting and analytics

Customizable and Tokenized Employee Analytics

Customize employee rewards with on-chain tokens and advanced analytics. Optimize and improve your reward program to drive employee engagement and loyalty.

fabric token hrms

not just another hr suite

Reward employees for good work with value-driven tokens backed by investor pools instead of a cheap giftcard

Manage employee leave, including vacation, sick, and personal days with our leave management tool.

Request time off, and access training materials and resources with our employee-only portal.

Improve benefits enrollment and management with advanced benefits enrollment.

A searchable directory of employee contact information and profiles.

Find and connect with colleagues with integrated employee directory feature.

Streamline payroll and compliance with our partner payroll and tax management tool.