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Tokenize Your Rewards Program with Fabric Token

Save time and resources by automating reward distribution with Fabric Token's smart contract technology. Set custom conditions and triggers for reward distribution, ensuring that rewards are delivered efficiently and accurately.

Simplify Your Reward Program with Fabric Token's On-Chain Token Issuance and Management Tools. Our Platform Offers Customization Options, Advanced Analytics and Reporting, and Smart Contract Automation to Enhance Employee Engagement and Boost Productivity.

Customizable tokens

Design and implement personalized reward programs that align with your company's values and goals using our customizable token options.

Token issuance and management

Easily issue and manage tokens on our platform, including the ability to track and analyze token distribution and performance.

Integration with popular exchanges

Easily trade and exchange your tokens on popular cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance and Coinbase.

non-deflationary pools

Earn huge yields w/ non-deflationary pools

New users who convert their reward points into Fabric will make existing users richer as the worth of the token increases with every new token minted..

custom corporate token

Pay on-chain tokens as corporate rewards

Create, distribute, and manage custom tokens that can be used to reward employees, partners, and customers for their contributions and achievements.

cash in, cash out

Redeem your earned tokens for fiat, risk free.

The Fabric Token never expires, never loses value and even earns yield when simply held. Earn yield and redeem anytime!