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Advanced Analytics and Reporting for rewarding

Transform Your Employee Rewards Strategy with Fabric Token's Real-Time Data and Insights. Identify Key Areas for Improvement and Enhance Your Reward Program to Boost Employee Engagement and Loyalty.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting Tools that Empower You to Make Data-Driven Decisions and Optimize Your Reward Program. With Customisable Dashboards, Key Performance Indicators, and Real-Time Data, You Can Easily Analyze and Improve Your Reward Program Effectiveness.

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Global Payroll and Benefits

Use our global payroll processing, benefits enrolment, and compliance reporting to stay on top of all things payroll

...or just integrate with your tools.

Keep using Workday, BambooHR, or Zenefits for employee tracking, and just integrate the Fabric Token distribution. We’re currently expanding our integrations to other popular HR suites!

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Customizable dashboards and KPIs

Create personalized dashboards and track key performance indicators to better understand the effectiveness of your reward program. Set and track specific KPIs that are relevant to your business, such as revenue, customer satisfaction, or employee retention.

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Stay Up-to-Date with Real-time Data and Notifications

With real-time data and notifications from Fabric Token, you'll never miss a beat when it comes to your reward program

Enable push notifications to constantly monitor the effectiveness of your reward program

Stay informed and make timely adjustments to optimize your employee rewards strategy.

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Share insights and data with the entire team

Fabric Token's advanced analytics and reporting tools allow you to easily export and share data with your team or stakeholders.

Enhance collaboration and make informed decisions about your reward program with our data-sharing capabilities.

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Advanced analytics and data visualization

Gain valuable insights into employee engagement and reward distribution with Fabric Token's advanced analytics and data visualization tools.

Customizable dashboards: View key metrics in a way that is most relevant to your business.

Advanced data visualization: Visualize data in a every format possible to gain insights. (except JS!)