PRoduct | rewards management

reward distribution meets smart contracts

Save time and resources by automating reward distribution with Fabric Token's smart contract technology. Set custom conditions and triggers for reward distribution, ensuring that rewards are delivered efficiently and accurately.

Automate reward distribution and streamline your rewards program with Fabric Token's smart contract functionality. Save time and resources, and increase employee satisfaction with on-chain token issuance and management.

Secure and transparent

Our smart contracts ensure secure and transparent reward distribution, ensuring that your employees always receive their rewards on time.

Save time and resources

Automating reward distribution with smart contracts allows you to save time and resources, freeing up your HR team to focus on other important tasks.

Increased employee satisfaction

By making it easier for employees to receive their rewards, you can increase employee satisfaction and drive loyalty to your company.

employee feedback management

Forget everything you know about reward distribution...

Automate the distribution of employee rewards and incentives with Fabric Token's smart contract technology. No more manual processes or errors - smart contracts ensure that rewards are distributed accurately and on time.

with smart contracts, everything changes.

Say goodbye to mundane distribution processes, annoying formulas, and employee rebuttals on bonuses & rewards.

Customizable smart contracts without writing a single line of code. (Web 3 Magic + Web 2 Magic)

Automate payments and rewards using triggers and conditions in-built into the contract!

Save time and resources with automatic contract execution.

Enhance transparency and security with on-chain tracking.

smart contract builder

You don’t have to be a tokenomics expert btw...

With Fabric Token's no-code editor, you can customize your reward program to fit your company's specific needs and goals. Choose from a variety of reward options and easily modify your program as needed

smart contract automation

Say goodbye to manual rewards distribution...

Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming task of manually distributing employee rewards. With Fabric Token's smart contract automation, you can save time and improve efficiency while still recognizing and rewarding your team's hard work.